Down in the Park
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Wait until the evening time, when its getting dark
Hiding in the shadows, waiting in the park
As she walks into my sight, I know she is the one
She is my perfect lady, I'm gonna have some fun

Chloroform soaks the rag as I put it to her face
She is unconscious as I take her to my place
Bound and gagged, I duct tape her to a chair
I can see the fear as I touch and smell her hair

My tools are all arranged neatly side by side
As I pull out my knife she begins to cry
I take off the gag and put down the knife
Afraid she's going to die she pleads for her life

I pick up the hammer and strike her collarbone
She begins to scream for help but we are all alone
I cut a lock of her hair to put inside my book
Another Trophy of my love, next to dozens that I've took

the end has come, its time for you to part
I take the knife in both hands and stab her in the heart
the gentle spray of the blood showers me in red
Her body sits lifeless so she must be dead

I was feeling whole again as she began to fade
Now I need to clean up this mess that I've made
Then wait until the evening time when its getting dark
Hiding in the shadows down in the park

lyrics by Travis