I Want You

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Hey cool cat, we had a date at the corner cafe. We were going to share a malt and hold hands.

Boy you never showed. You broke my heart. Now there are tears in my eyes.

She walked in and said hi
and wiped the tears from my eyes
Let's take a walk and hold hands
You don't need another man
Come with me and feel bliss
She held me tight and we kissed
Then it started to rain
And I forgot his name

I want you for me
You're setting me free
Together we're one
Is this more than just fun?

When I got there you were gone
And I knew I was wrong
My car, it broke down
And I walked into town
I saw you with her
The rest is a blur
Without you I'm dead
I put the gun to my head

Lyrics by Les and Travis
Music by Andre